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Friday, January 18, 2013


Daji'a hao (good day everyone)
hye guys hows your day everyone?

as what i mention before , i wanna do a comeback entry whereby comeback is not such a simple thing.. to best honest sejak dah di-attach as a practical student memang agak sibuk dengan kerja kat office ni , so to be fair and as a prove i would like to share with you guys.

i've been attach to client office ORAT klia2 and from there shah dihantar to the airside and terminal operation yang mana saya kene experience by myself all those work and jobscop in the industry. and not to be fair as a practical student i guarantee you wont experince like what i have too..lets check it out( actually dah ada kat atas tu!!!)

with the national air carrier oke. Malaysia Airlines aircraft Airbus A380

what i haven't experience yet is fly with this aircraft , but i targeted my self will fly with this aircraft and for sure with the gorgeous and handsome cabin crew with a polite attitude and smile. so no wonder they've win the best cabin crew ever by now already about 8 years continuously.awesome right?

okey back to the topic..just right before this as what i mention wanna do a comeback but i left this blog around a month so demi mencari jalan selamat saya ubah the word as transition. so just waiting all those entry collected to be written.

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