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Monday, July 4, 2011

LuCkY MoNdAy

morning-evening-afternoon-night-even mid night in case what time those read this entry..sangat berbulu pasal da lame x menyumbang tenaga dan mase aku terhadap blog yg d'kasihi nih..so this time sempat la aku mencuri mase dari news strait TIMEs paper kan only for those which always spend time to read mine..thank you so much..

haha..actually shah just wanna share what happen today..in fact-with fully excited press should be the best day but it just be the other side one..so sad..but i just can accepted that in case shah need a problem or anything else-absolutely shah need her for my future and my life..she is miss hani..h0h0..i just aspect that da new class in da new week with da new sem and frens could be more happening..but it's only less then

just done polish that shoe this morning..but it's ok bcos im not feel sleepy today for three hours class but so ok la just have 5 minute's break for each one hour(thankful for that)
just prepared anything with 100% spirit to study..kindly the good boy..kindness one..haha lonely ghost(hantu riak aku ni)haha..and not feel sleepy foe the first one hour.love this

later then..for the next one hour..feel sleepy and that damn bored just come to me play aroud up my head and the very-very-very kind red devil just said"sleep my dear"haha..so i just open that lovely lappy and see the facebook><bookface..and that sleepy is gone secondly..h0h0..(and need to say sorry to my love bcos open that fb in class..sorry my dear..hopefully you not mad to me my dear)

*p/s::korang blajar lah btol
:>aku just curi ayat nih dari orang yg mlas blajar-da nyesal-n nasihat la aku-n said
  jngan jadi mcam aku..

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