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Saturday, October 6, 2012



terasa lama tak update blog..it's been the busiest time i ever had about a few week lately..tapi hari ni i just spend my gold time to update my blog as even tough to do this thing in my beauty sleep time.tak kenal maka tak cinta..let's go thru..right shah just nak share a few picture taken by my friend which is this time is ade event to celebrate hari raya with anak yatim

let me introduce you..she is siti maisarah..orang kampong baq hang..kira blah utara nu lah..but this photo taken is like no plan at all..actually shah nak g toilet time ni...then nampak si model2 klia college ni dok pose..so shah pon g la make me like kiah propa..ok nok2 sekalian..u olls kerlass u oalls..nahh kau..at last shah pon termasok sama..

ahaa..kerlass u alls..biase jer..this is present as to replace my short time to talk about my self my idea instead of my time..i will write about those thing as long as my time freely clear as shown by david beckham..lalala..

bye u oalls..tadi kiah propa..now change into mak jemah..kerlas kau maria..kata scha al-yahye..i present to be like her..i wish i will someday..muahhh

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