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Thursday, May 19, 2011

tHe HoNeST CoMe FrOM rEd HeArT

hallo..hallo my dear..my lovely lycious frens..haha..i'm waiting 4 a long time to write again in this purplelippes blog..prasan gitu..actually aku just nak m'potret kan kepingan gmbar sbagai bhan tatapan umum..specially u all my frens..
this is my original picture without any edit..
love this pic..at sri affa food court..NUR ALEEYANA NATASHA..anak buah aku..
 this pic..aku sngat ske..bcos the honest smile from that baby is from his heart..love it
 this..i only mention that the love of sibling relation..very love it..and also mention that car is mine..

well..you know what..when we talk bout the honest in relation ship between sibling or with lover..
so in that cntct of honest in my relation ship..i'm honest with my lover that i'm chitting with someone..that all..and you??you just mad with me and say the innocent one..my dear..i'm just like you..you always say that many people looking at you..yes i am very touched..but im be cool and say i dont like it..can you do that??the answer is No..how dare you??you only angry with me while you said salam..ok..i understand that..the last word for today between us..thanks you..because this is one of your habit..you just bomb me before you ask me what?why??who?? and else..you don't do that..but so ok..i'll accept that with my heart is open and i only wanna say thanks foe everything

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