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Sunday, February 20, 2011

For My Lover
gigih gitu
Like the rushing of the waves,
I come to you carried by the silky tides of passion.
Appearing unquestioned, unhurt
As we lay side by side
Our arms entangled in a tight embrace,
Holding on for dear life,
Wanting time to move in slow motion.
Questions banished, 
My thoughts are only you.
Whenever you kiss me I feel safe.
With you I am home, worries are cast aside.
Each loving caress, every gentle stroke savored,
A carefree man becoming
A little girl cuddled and adored.
Feverishly listening to every breath,
Expecting it to last forever.
You are my sanctuary amidst all the chaos,
Now I have proven
That heaven is not after death
For I am always in Paradise when I am with you.

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